What is a Squatch doing Graphic Design???

Credit: Matt Foley

Well, if you have managed to find this page, I’m a bit shocked. Not because of my ugly mug on the page. Moreso that anyone would care. Any who… If you’re asking what a squatch is I can explain that too. A “Squatch” also known as a “Bigfoot”, “yeti”, or any number of fun names are a cryptid species of giant humanoid hairy creatures. That are very tall and have giant feet. Which is how most people would describe me as well.

A bit about me. I am from Coventry Rhode Island. Although I have also lived in Wake Forest North Carolina as well. I have 4 dogs, two cats and a big passion for animals. Graphic Squatch is in essence an extension of myself. The ideals of having fun while working. And making these fantastic, new, different exciting designs. Nothing beats a challenge, and I can’t wait to continue to grow as a designer.