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Graphic Squatch is a fun, high quality graphic design service that conceptualizes, creates and employs designs for businesses, sports teams and personal projects. We focus on keeping our customers satisfied by working with them closely to complete their graphic design needs.

  • Halloween animation case study

    Halloween animation case study

    This project was designed to push the practice of completing an animation using unique assets and an original idea. For my project I chose to go with the ageless tale of the Headless Horseman. Storyboarding It was important to really make the characters have a personality even with the storyboard and this would continue to…

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  • Youtube Vanity Case study

    Youtube Vanity Case study

    Vanity Representing the elements of what makes GraphicSquatch what it is were very important. Our brand image needed to be solidly represented within this introduction. With this assignment it was important to create a clean, fresh, new introduction that represented the branding and fit the parameters of YouTube. Prototyping Prototyping took many stages as immediately…

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  • Wired Magazine Cover study

    Wired Magazine Cover study

    Wired Magazine Wired Magazine is a published media that covers the topic(s) of new technology and its interactions with culture, the economy and politics. Data privacy for Children Under United States law its illegal for companies to collect data from children. However with the advent of artificial intelligence there has been a rising concern with…

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