Halloween animation case study

This project was designed to push the practice of completing an animation using unique assets and an original idea. For my project I chose to go with the ageless tale of the Headless Horseman.


Storyboards were done several times in order to get a cohesive story. This is the final sketched board

It was important to really make the characters have a personality even with the storyboard and this would continue to evolve with the assets…

Asset Production

Asset production was a cathartic process…. Being able to design this world of spooks and scares was a joy. Design inspiration was taken from the classic Disney animation style and Tim Burton, with a more 80’s Halloween twist to it.


The coloring scheme was designed to mimic the traditional Halloween colors combined with a dirty almost paper feel. The deep blood red and orange hues were a direct contrast from the final colors of the Horseman’s head.

Final Composite

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