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Wired Magazine is a published media that covers the topic(s) of new technology and its interactions with culture, the economy and politics.

Data privacy for Children

Under United States law its illegal for companies to collect data from children. However with the advent of artificial intelligence there has been a rising concern with the collection of data from children using these smart technologies. Along with the concern of these technologies being used for malicious intent. Because of this Graphic Squatch decided to make the mock-up based on this technology concern.

The Approach

Iterating off of their affordances as a company the initial idea was to cover performance masks such as those worn by Daft Punk and Marshmallow. However the concept was limiting and not fitting to the quality of content I wish to create. This lead me down the road of the children’s data privacy concept. As i have many nephews and nieces who are in the age of technology the began wheels rolling. Researching different children’s toys such as blocks, phones and playsets. The iconic “see and say” was chosen as despite its limitations of shape and structure. The imagery and symbolism fit into the exact parameters of what makes my topic creepy yet intriguing.

Paper Mockup

paper mockup of icons
paper mockup see and say

Iterations began with the paper prototypes. The affordances of which included the ability to swap concepts. This lended a hand as it allowed the ability to adjust on the fly and really narrow the concept.

Digital Mockup

With the digital mockups iteration again was crucial. making sure that the finished rough mock of the icons could be adjusted was important. Further iterations with these designs helped to flush out into the final design.

Final Cover

wired magazine cover

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