There comes a point in a designers career usually at the beginning in which they must find their identity. This comes from many sources, the designers affordances, their downfalls. Drawing inspiration from everything around them. This case study is a simple look at the beginning stages of what is now known as “Graphic Squatch” before it was Graphic Squatch.

Like with many things in design the first iteration isn’t good. In fact its terrible. But that’s okay! starting with this design I began with observing my own affordances, My wayfinding and the negatives as well. This logo was supposed to represent the person behind the mirror someone who wanted to be “Too Sweet”. But wasn’t too sure how to convey those feelings.

While toiling away and trying to improve it was important to analyze the design from a client perspective. Thinking thoughts of “what does this offer” and “why choose this or someone else”. Because of the changer and maturity in the thought process it allowed the design to further develop in a natural way that signaled out to clients as new and unique

. The end game was finally coming up to this iteration. Balancing all of our strengths and weaknesses and representing who I wanted to represent at the time. Fortunately and unfortunately this would change and now you have the wonderful Graphic Squatch you know today.

first try at a business card.